Help With Media/SD Card


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Feb 19, 2011
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When I hook it up to my computer, I have it set as Disk Drive. The computer recognizes it, but gives me the option to open the Removable Disk F: Drive AND the Removable Disk G: Drive. Both have stuff for the phone in them. I don't know which one to put my music and pictures in. Also, do I need any drivers to connect my phone to my computer, or can I just use it like I do a flash drive? Because I downloaded the drivers that it asked me to the first time I plugged in the phone (Verizon-HTC or something)

Another question, how can I get it to stop opening the Verizon VZW website for their media software every time I connect my phone to the computer?

Also, I might have put a text document in my phone using the verizon vzw media software. How can I tell if it's still on my phone, and if it is, how can I get it off?