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Jan 10, 2010
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Aspen, Colorado
Ok - I searched but could not find any info or solution to this.

I loaded about 100 contacts on my phone, all nice and organized alphabetically. I created a shortcut to my home screen for my wifes contact - all was well.

Now, over half of my contacts have migrated to the "favorites" tab, although they are not really favorites, as that requires actually selecting them and marking them as a favorite. They are not alphabetical anymore, and the shortcut I created for my wife no longer works, it says "contact does not exist" (OK - no jokes please).

Also, I now have some (but only a few) contacts in both places, both under contacts and favorites, there seeme to be no rhyme or reason to it. Is there any way to keep them in the contacts list permanently?

I believe the phone automatically marks your favorites. I think it's whoever you call mostly or receive calls from.
Dezy is right OP.... the phone marks favorites based on calls. I haven't marked a single contact as a 'favorite' yet I have a full list when I open the Phone list. Just the way it is.