Help with 10% battery increments on Blur 3.4.2


Mar 1, 2010
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Reading another thread I found out how to get the battery icons to drop by 10% increments, but when I go into settings I can not go into settings and select battery manager. It causes the settings to force close.

I must missing something somewhere. Here are my steps I took.

1. Decompile framework-res.apk
2. Edit stat_sys_battery.xml in both /drawable a drawable-hdpi.
Added in all of the stat_sys_battery.png's
3. Recompile framework-res.apk
4. Using win-rar replace META-INF and AndroidManifest.xml from the original framew res.apk
5. Pushed the framework-res.apk to my phone

Now it seems the phone functions properly, but most of all the options in settings cause settings to force close.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I got it. Above steps are the correct steps, just when recompiling the apk with apk manager, just make sure when it asks you if you would like to use the original files that you did not change, say yes. It will save a lot of frustrations.

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