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Oct 23, 2011
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I am not very tech savvy so any help that anyone can provide would be greatly apprecited! We took our first trip to Disney last month. it was a surprise for our kids and i was able to get it all on video. unfortunaley my phone crashed and it was set back to factory settings. although my SD card in the phone saved my contacts, there are no videos or photos... I am beside myself and want to know if there is anyway to retireve them. If anyone can help i will be forever indebted!!!!!! the video and pictures are so precious to me and if they are gone i will be devastated!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum, technically at factory reset anything on the SD card is kept unless while initiating factory reset SD card format was chosen as well. Do you remember while initiating the factory reset if that was selected. Also refer to this area for better assistance from the specialists. Your contacts are kept as they are backed up by your Google account.
After the crash,
a. did your phone restart and operate normally?
b. did someone explicitly do a "Factory Data Reset"?
There is an option to wipe the SD card during FDR, and I hope that option was not used.

Your contacts are saved at Google/Verizon, so restoration of your contacts is easier, and often automatic.

I have used Recuva (free; Google it) in the past to recover deleted images from my phone somewhat successfully. It is critical to avoid writing more things to the SD card if you plan on recovering deleted items; things can get overwritten, and if that happens, recovery will not be possible.

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You can recover your photos and videos from the memory card of your phone, Video or Photo recovery or document, text recovery are all the same thing. Dedicated tools are just a catch and have limited service for specific purpose. Simply install Kernel for Windows Disk Recovery and perform flawless photo recovery. Have issues using it, call our helpline.
No need to worry, you can recover lost videos using data recovery tool. I have used digital media recovery software to recover lost videos from my SD card. This software supports different types of memory cards like MMC, XD card, CF card etc. This software can also recover different types of files even from accidentally formatted memory card. You just download the free demo version of this software, where you can view recovered data. If you find lost video file in recovered data list then use full version of the software to save recovered video file.
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