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Jul 1, 2011
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I'm trying to find my way around my droid...can use HELP!!
I have the lg revolution, had a blackberry. I have 3 questions... Is there a way to set a default area code for when I'm out of the state or do I need to go into my contacts and add the area code to each. Next, how can I set a different alert for each contact for text/emails, also in that question can I not download my own ringtone alerts? I have downloaded things & it will show up in ringtones that I want to change but only the last 3 that I chose but the alert ringtones are not an option to even choose from. Can I edit an appointment email. I sent up several appts & chose phone instead of email. I have tried to edit, but it doesn’t give me a choice to change it
First off, welcome to the site.

For the area codes, you really need to add them to each contact.

In the contacts, you can go to edit contacts and choose the ringtones. You can also download ringtones or make your own. Find the files app and locate the folder you're saving your ringtones in.

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welcome to the forum and as Brad mentioned, all that he answered are the way to go
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