Help getting ES file explorer to work


Dec 12, 2009
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I'm trying to connect my droid to my laptop, which is connected on a wireless network.

I get the IP address on my laptop, put in in the es file explorer, along with my username and password, but then when I try to connect I get a "network not found" error.

Am I supposed to add the server in LAN or FTP?
Ive been having the same problem. I have enabled file sharing, doubkle and triple checked the IP address, and still nothing.
Well I turned off firewall and now it's recognizing the ip address, but now it says login failed because wrong username or password.
For me if I rebooted computer I was trying to connect with it would work and after half an hour or so would not work. It only happened with 2 computers with realtec lan adapters.
Finaly found if turn off flow control in network adapter advanced settings, continues to work for 2 days already.
(device Manager >Network adapters >What ever Realtec adapter>Properties>advanced and turn off flow control).