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Apr 6, 2011
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Didn't really plan to check in until I noticed how very friendly folks are here! So, hello all.

I've got a D2 that was rooted about 3 days after bringing it home. I've flashed the recently leaked GB ROM and enjoy it. Thanks to the all the great info here, I've learned how to root, bootstrap, backup, sbf, restore, freeze bloat-ware, and otherwise customize the handset to my liking.

Although I'm able to backup and restore, there are some nuances that I haven't yet figured out, but I'm learning to be patient and methodical and hope to figure it out. For example sometimes I botch up the system and can't restore the latest backup. I have to go back to very early versions and sort of work my way forward. Also don't know why sometimes I recover into the stock Android recover instead of CWmod. Not necessarily looking for an answer here, but need to figure this out at some point.

The good news is that I'm not so anxious about bricking the phone, as it always manages to come back from the dead. Seems like I spend more time with the battery cover off than on these days. Hope I don't loose it.

Oh, I'm also involved with embedded development and work a lot with the Arduino gear. I'm working on applications (toy ones with App Inventor, not real apps) that talk with Arduino gear via Bluetooth/WiFi. I'm an EE and more of a HW developer, but the SW is lots of fun.


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Nov 27, 2010
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welcome to the forum. unfortunately not sure myself on why not in CW. but im glad to see that u r doing ur homework and taking the time to be patient. good luck going fwd

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