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Feb 7, 2011
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New York
Greetings. I am a newbie and look forward to being part of the Droid community. I love gadgets. I was very interested in purchasing the Notion Ink Adam but realized I am not tech saavy enough to own an Adam at this time. Instead I am thinking about the Motorola Xoom. I know I will need all the help I can get once the Xoom is sold.
Glad I found Droid Forums.
Welcome to the community. Feel free to ask questions and browse around. Very friendly place to learn. Dive in and enjoy the stay

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Wellcome! I'm probably going to get a Xoom as well and will be happy to help!

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Thank you for welcoming me. It is nice to know people there are around who can help others and are willing to do so. I am surprised at how expensive the Xoom will cost. I am hoping that Verizon will lower the price when it gets closer to the actual day of sale.
The community for Android is one of the best! And I'm suprised too. I have an iPad(don't hate haha) that has a messed up backlight and a extended best buy waranty so I'm going to use that to get credit towards it so it costs less for me but if they wanted it to be more competitive with devices like the iPad, they should have priced it less

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Thank you for welcoming me, Hawaiian Princess. I appreciate your taking the time to say Aloha. Boy would I love to be in Hawaii now. I live in NY where there has been a winter storm here at least every week for a month. I played golf at one of your gorgeous courses in Maui.