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Aug 25, 2011
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Hello everyone. I am a new member of this forum, and also new to Android device ownership. I have been reading up on this forum for a week or so and thanks to all the information and knowledgeable members, I was able to SBF my Droid X, root it, flash Liberty GB .8, and flash Nightly Liberty GB .9 from ROM Toolbox Donate. I have to say, I am loving the Android system, although I do miss the quality of Push notifications that I had with Blackberry.

I acquired the phone from a friend for 50 dollars, almost perfect condition with the exception of a spider-webbed cracked screen. Soon, I will replace the glass/digitizer.

I have been a VZW Employee for over 6 years, so if anyone has questions regarding that, I can more than likely assist.

I am looking forward to pushing this Droid to the limit!

-Dan Ramage