Hello from Cali


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Apr 3, 2011
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Hello all!!

I had the origional droid when it first came out. When I was able to upgrade, I upgraded to the Thunderbolt. I wanted to stick with Android. I LOVE the android stuff.

But now I have the droid x. Its not that I dont love it, I do. I just miss my Thunderbolt. I decided to get rid of it after only having it for a week and having some big problems with it. First it shut off and would not turn back on. A replacement was sent. But that replacement would not activate. When the origional one I had bought came back on, we tried re activating that one, we were successful (and when I say we, i mean a 4hr phone convo with tech support at verizon) BUTTTT... my phone wouldnt connect to the data network. The very problem a lot of the thunderbolts were having.

So. Thats my phone. Now on to me.

I live in Cali have for about 3yrs now, I have two kids, a dog and a husband.

Hello all!


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Nov 2, 2010
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North Carolina
Welcome to the community and feel free to ask any questions. tp76 gave you a good link and great community to learn in here. Dive on in and make yourself at home