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Hello and welcome.. go ahead and post your screenshot here and I'll see how I can help you :)

Okay here is the screen shot I was talking about. This is my battery usage for today. The time on screen was about 6 and a half hours but I pretty much used wifi all day so I was just worried about my battery. Im not sure if its up to par with everyone elses because I used wifi to achieve this battery usageView attachment 52525
The reason I was worried was because I had wifi on pretty much the whole time and I'm doing a little experiment today with 3G only, no wifi and things aren't really looking good for my battery. Just makes me worry a little bit. Oh and by the way I'm not in an area that 4G is available.
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Are you using smart actions battery saver?? If not you should. Open smart actions, tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner, select samples, battery extender, long press and delete the motion rule and the turn off gps rule. This will help alot.

install the app bad ass battery monitor, and try downloading an app called 4g toggle, set it to 3g. Also. Power off your device to right and charge to 100%, tomorrow use it until 10% and power off and charge to 100% again..

Screen brightness is a biggy here, and screen timeout time. But you should adjust these things according to what works best for you. My screen tines put at 1 min, and I use a darker colored wall paper, and my screen brightness is about 15% ..

Also, when you're using your device, you should try to remember to long press the home button and swipe to kill running apps...

Screen on time and signal are very important to battery life. Your screen is everything on these phones..

In my house I get about 6.75 hours of screen on time (constant) and then I need to charge... days like today.. I've been off the phone all day, and its been unplugged since 6 am.. and I'm sitting at 73% right now.

Try these things and report back..

Okay I will report back after I try these things :) today using my 3G only test I only got about 4 hours of on screen time, so the battery is worrying me a bit
I think I'm going to try a factory reset tomorrow. Deleting my apps and stuff but keeping the stuff thats on my SD card. Any Suggestions to a good test I could use after the reset to see if my battery is better?