Hello everyone! New Droid Razr user here from South LA...


Dec 22, 2011
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Whats up peeps? New to this forum, but not new to the forum scene. Picked up a Droid Razr the day before yesterday and Im loving it. I already rooted it, and did the mobile hotspot hack/mod. Rooted yesterday, and wouldnt you know it I got a notification last night that theres a new update (6.11.748.en.US). Seems like I read somewhere that if my phone is rooted that it wont, or I shouldnt update it. Can anyone clarify this for me? Many thanks!

Welcome to DF Kenny!! We are happy you took the time to join up with us :)

And by looking at the other thread you posted in it appears you got everything figured out. Let us know is you need anything else!!
Just learning how to get around on here lol. Thanks from the reply!
I Dont think I have put this thing down other than sleeping since Ive had it lol.

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Glad to hear you are enjoying it. And when you become a more experienced droider you won't have to put it down to sleep :p
Welcome to the site. Glad you are enjoying your Razr. DancingNexus
Hello and welcome!

Congrats on the Razr!

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