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Jul 22, 2010
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Hi there, new Droid X owner on a learning curve I have had the phone only a few days and I love it, previously I had lived in a world of text and regular cell phone use but now I'm in a whole new world and can't believe I waited so long.
I'm a man of many talents a problem solver of sorts, I'm a multi-media producer at work on the side I repair computers, DJ and write I have to keep in constant contact with my clients and the droid does just that also I was lost once and the navigator helped me get to a location on time, I can't stop touting all the wonderful attributes of this phone, the android technology is quite amazing and the voice recognition software is the best I have ever used
If I had any concerns it would be that the phone has frozen up a couple of times I'm not sure why and I'm researching it but I'm sure it will work out. dancedroid