HeadsOff Disables Heads Up Notifications In Lollipop


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Oct 6, 2011
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Heads Up notifications can be better than standard notifications which just show a micro image of your email, or text, or call in the notifications panel. Heads Up notifications actually give you a preview of the message coming through. Cyanogen Mod brought this to Kit Kat phones which was pretty exciting at first, but some of you who get notifications several times per hour can find the heads up notifications pretty annoying since they do take up about 15% of your screen when they come through.

There is a new app "HeadsOff" which allows you to disable Heads Up notifications altogether, or you can disable the Heads Up notifications on a per app basis. You can also restore the ticker text in the statsbar to see a little notification preview with the app. You can disable heads up notifications on the lockscreen. Head to the Play Link below for the download.

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