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Jul 22, 2010
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I just got my new Droid X last Friday. I work for a Japanese company here is my current situation and what I am looking for. Most all of my Japanese bosses and co-workers have Iphones that there texting is in Japanese Language. I can currently go to Google Translate App and type in a message and translate from English to Japanese and then hit menu and send in a text to them in Japanese. When they reply back to me in Japanese language, I can not receive the message. Is there a way to receive there messages and then copy and paste to google translate to use the japanese to english of the app? I can't figure out why my droid x will not even acknowledge the message back from them in Japanese language. Hope someone can help me with an app or tell me how to get Japanese language for my text messaging or is there a different texting app besides Handcent to use for English and Japanese? Thanks in advance