Has anyone themed the new gb yet. Please share.


Nov 11, 2009
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First thing I did is get rid if the ugly battery icon , anyway I would like to see what others have done. I found this metamorph file here. http://droidpirate.com/category/metamorph-2/battery-icons/page/3/
Looks good. I didn't like the green battery gb came with either. Looking forward to some new themes.
looks good....would be even better if it matched the blue of the wifi and signal bars.

i will be switching the 3G icons when i get the time to SBF and flash the rooted version.
as far as i know, it can't be properly themed until it's deodexed. though, it is good to know that metamorph works. i had read a few posts from people saying ninjamorph was causing bootloops.

Check out Wugport
WugFresh - Universal Theme Porter

This let's you port ANY, yes ANY 2.2 theme for the DX over the gingerbread.
I personally just used it to port Thunderv2.zip for Liberty in order to get a
senseui theme for Droid X gingerbread leak.

Best part is, it lets you choose if you want the screen off animation flashed with the theme or not.

This made my day WAY easier, with not having to make my own sense theme for gingerbread!

Enjoy! Looking forward to some non-ported themes.
hell yes. i'm setting up the ud theme for myself as we speak. awesome program and a responsive developer. it should be said, they don't come out perfect due to some .xml edits that can't be made automatically by the program (yet) ,but he is working on it.

definitely worth a look
Its not my theme all credit given to creator.

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