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Feb 17, 2012
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Greetings fellow android users! I have had Droids since the day after the first Droid ever came out. I like the open platform and the options for music and file sharing that the Android system has to offer.

My original Droid was stolen about two months after I bought it, and ever since then I have been plagued with a variety of tech issues on my smartphones. I forced Verizon to let me upgrade early after my 7th horrible refurb Droid.

My brand new Droid 2 had glitches from day 1... but since I've had such bad luck with glitches and refub POS's I have been trying to stick it out. Recently the issues have gotten to the point where I may have to trade it in, but I'm worried I'll only get a worse one back, and I'm still far away from my early upgrade date... so I came on here to see if anyone had solutions for my problems.

The two big issues I currently have are:

1) every so often, sounds during calls won't work (in or out) and I never know when it is going to strike until I need to be answering the phone and it is silent. The only way to fix the problem is to restart my phone, which delays answering calls or placing calls often by a critical number of minutes, and the problem is repeating enough that there should be a better solution. Speakerphone and pulling an auxiliary jack in or out, or trying headphones do nothing to help. My phone will be playing all other sounds without a problem. I recently got lookout, and a few other apps. Could an app be causing this interference?

2) Ever since the gingerbread update, my touch keyboard has been broken. It was definitely the update that did it, so I would be surprised if no one else has had this problem. When I try to type traditionally the cursor moves all over the text area and I wind up typing gibberish. It will also load the screen of the last text from the person I am trying to text, so that I have to go back and forth on top of that. It made typing that way so impossible I had to start using swype, which doesn't have the issue but is getting fairly annoying and cumbersome for all the horrible autocorrects and difficult to swype words combined with speed typing. Is there a way to re download gingerbread and see if that will fix it, or if there is another option to try?

I appreciate any tips you can provide!! I have tried most of the usual suspects, to no avail. Thanks, and pleased to meet you!


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Jan 9, 2010
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I hope you find some resolutions to your issues!