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Mar 18, 2011
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North Carolina
New to here but not to Droids. I have done ROMS and rooting and tethering and stock. Mainly use phone for work emails, procrastination,entertaining my daughter at a restaraunt, and making the occasional phone call. texting is easier sometimes.

Glad to be here and hope to have even more fun as a member.
Welcome to DF. Hope you make yourself at home. Can you explain though what it means to "make an occasional phone call"....a Droid is capable of that? :)
just seeing who has a sense of humor. :)

plus I do txt more some days than call since I work on the road and can't always talk on the phone
yes we did. well some areas was hit pretty hard. cars and homes were washed out and one home in particular was washed out into the bay, in tact

Survived another tsunami...Aloha from Hawaii!!