Greenify 2.6.2 Beta 8 Is Here With Some New Features


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Oct 6, 2011
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Greenify is the utility that helps you save battery life. It learns what is causing the most battery drain on your device and informs you so you can make changes to your phone using habits. Not only will the app help to identify rogue battery sucking apps, it will also place them in hibernate mode saving precious battery life. The app is able to do all of this without dampening your phone's performance.

There is now a new Beta version available which brings some really cool features to the app. Greenify's best features have always been for root users only, however this latest beta version brings the auto-hibernation mode to non rooted devices! To get this working you will need to enable the feature in the experimental settings and be running a version of Android greater than 4.1. Head to the link below to grab the beta build!

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Unfortunately, auto-hibernate doesn't work if you use a lock screen. You still need to manually hibernate in that situation.