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Sep 5, 2010
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$1 on the Gear Store
First thing I'll start of saying is I'm biased toward this developer for his quick follow up and additional features added to his wares to go with his ingenuity in making everything he does standalone and not just another watch face widget, as Samsung categorizes their watch faces. With Tizen there is no true home screen, just default start widgets but that's another topic for another day.
Another thing is games aren't really popular on watches, due to them being games and usually a tiny screen is not conducive to a game. This is where brain train type games can have a real appeal though because you don't need a huge screen and tons of graphic capability to get the most from them. They're intentionally designed to be simple to the eyes yet challenging to the mind. As a youth I remember reading green is relaxing to the eyes, so much so I remember South Carolina doing an experiment with green colored pavement on their main roads to help with eye fatigue during the day as well as being easier to see the road at night. I don't know whatever happened to that experiment but I do know I prefer lighter and brighter shades of green on my phone and watch, especially in direct sunlight. Green Dots fits right in with this like of mine.
It starts off simple enough
With a 4x4 grid that 2 dots turn green then go away. You've got a few seconds to match them up and with each tap you get a gentle haptic feedback (user settable on or off) that lets you know it registers before it turns green for correct or red if incorrect. If you get the entire screen correct you get a nice quick melodic tone g again user settable on or off) that you're moving to the next level or a little stronger vibrate and the correct spots simultaneously happen if you get a red dot.
As you go farther the dots go away quicker while also having the grid get bigger and more dots showing up.



As I wrote before, the settings for feedback and tone are user settable and override the watch's settings. This can be bad if you've got the watch set on silent and are trying to fool your co-workers or boss that you're checking your email when you're really playing a game.

At any point in the game you can access settings and restart by tapping the icon in the upper right corner

As we age and as we become more dependant on the paradox of using our mobile devices to substitute our memory, this making our memory more in need of a substitute, it's good to have simple things like this to keep our minds a little more active and challenged . It won't offset the mental hazards of a diet consisting of items from the drive through and snack machine but studies have shown simple tasks and games do actually help keep us a little younger memory wise and there are arguable studies that suggest it helps slow Alzheimer's down a little.
Anyway I get to 4x5 grid before crashing into red dot walls every time. If Tomy does like he does with his others I'm sure this one will gain more challenges for those who didn't spend much of their life killing brain cells with chemicals and liquids the way I did too much of mine.

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Aug 8, 2010
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Jan 25, 2014
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I don't like to play games on smart watch. Paying game on 1.5 inch screen is really irritating to me. Normally I like to play games on my PC and Phone.