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Mar 19, 2016
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Here is my review of the Tempered Glass Protector from Amazon and their vendor Landfox the great case company for the galaxy s7 Edge

The product is junk. I threw the one I tested and reviewed into the trash because it cracked taking it off. The screen is that cheap. It is plastic that scratchs easily with items that should not scratch even semi quality plastic covers. It doesnt fit the phone. It attached to the top , bottom and sides. It didn't firmly attach to the screen. This eliminated the touch screen of the phone. To use the keys I had to really press hard. There was no ability to swipe or scroll. Being that it is a China made product sold directly by a Chinese based company with no importer to regulate quality I am concerned that the silver paint and other materials are safe. Or is it another Chinese product like the lead paint toys or poisoned dog food. Amazon surely isn't verifying it.

I would recommend that you verify the company before buying with Amazon. It seems that they have lowered their standards as far as who they allow to act as their sellers. The great case company is an example of this decline. Their customer service is horrible. I asked for shipping info what I got was what was expected from a fortune cookie. Pure babble. Here is what I got. The product travel miles , country to country, across sea and land. Into your hand. "
Their return policy is as valid as their screen is Tempered Glass. It's not. But it is funny to read. I thought English was taught in Hong Kong. Which really brings to question if it is really a Hong Kong business.

I advise you to look elsewhere for screen protection. Places like Walmart and Best buy in the US and Canada seem to be better alternatives than Amazon. Since they have products on hand that you can verify the quality and have good return policies. Also they have stores with employees not call centers who knows where.

If you see products from this Hong Kong based company avoid it like Ebola.
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