GPS Issues


Apr 21, 2011
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Search function on here doesn't really help, so I'm just posting something new.

Anyways. I cannot seem to connect to GPS on my Droid 2. I turn on Run Keeper and it just searches and searches but finds nothing. i pulled out my Droid 4 and it found GPS signal (same spot) withing 2 seconds. Could the GPS radio on my D2 be defective? Can I get it fixed through Verizon/Motorola even if it is not my primary phone anymore? I only use it for music, GPS (when it works), and some apps.
I don't know that GPS will function properly if the phone is no longer in service.
There's no reason it shouldn't. I know that the assisted GPS wouldn't work, but the regular GPS should work without data since it doesn't use data to work. I have preinstalled maps, but I am using it mainly for running/cycling and a distance recorder.
I fixed it. Used "GPS Status" app and it fixed onto the gps signal. If I keep gps on for a bit it will keep the search going for it and fix onto it fine.