gotta new bionic, having some issues.....


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Mar 8, 2012
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ok, so i got a bionic on the 26th and ive been having some problems with battery life. ive went in and done a hard reset, got a different battery, tried battery saving apps, and went as far as leaving the phone in airplane mode and still cant get the battery to last more than 10 hours, even in standby without being used! I had it off the charger for 3 hours then used a radio app and it died 2 hours after that.

what is the battery usage screen supposed to say? mine usually has 1/2 on standby and 1/2 on idle(since i cant use it or it dies too fast). i went back in to verizon today and had them note that wepulled off all the apps and did another hard reset. if it doesnt work(it wont), they are gonna set me up with another bionic.

I guess my question is should i replace it or should i switch phones? i already have an otter box for it that im sure they wont take back. also ive been lurking around on here for a few hours or so and ive come to the conclusion that i have no idea about this phone. what is rooting and .92 and all this other stuff. Also, i saw a thing about getting rid of factory apps. that would be pretty nice.

Sorry for the long post but this is the first smart phone ive had and i want it to work right. any help is much appreciated!