Got my Thunderbolt today!


Dec 6, 2009
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Wanted a Thunderbolt real bad. 3g is just too slow.Still had 4 months left on my contract with my Droid though. Went online to my Verizon. It showed me a box that said 'Upgrade now'. Well I knew I was wasting my time as I called Verizon yesterday and they told me I had to wait till August. Well I hit the button and it asked me which phone I wanted. I picked the Thunderbolt. I figured I'd keep going till it said I couldn't upgrade. Well I got all the way to check out and guess what, it says they are having a special upgrade price of $149.99!!!!! Before I hit buy with free Fed Ex delivery I decided to call my local store. I got a sales girl on the line and told her what the online was showing me,$150. Could she get me this price at the store. She said it was a special offer they were having to get LTE phones out into the system. She would do it for me at that price! I went to the store and 15 minutes later I was out in the street with a new Thunderbolt and paid $160 (tax included).

OMG, you don't now how fast this phone is. You touch a URL and the site is there by the time you are lifting your finger off the screen. There is no bar slowly going across the screen as you wait forever for the download. I just got my Dish TV setup with Sling (it cost $100). I'm watching HD quality tv from anywhere in the world (OK exaggerating a little bit) from my DVR at home. It's very cool. OK, here's the kicker, I never got 3g reception in my house. I don't even get cellular. I got Verizons mini cell tower in my house so I could use a cell in my house. BTW, no carrier worked well in my house. Well I get perfect 4g. I did and got 7mps down and 42 up? I know that sounds strange, but that's what it said. I haven't been able to do a lot yet as I'm waiting for the battery to get a complete charge. I will report back tomorrow about how well it works. So far I'm totally impressed. What's more amazing is the data package is the same cost for unlimited 4g as 3g. I wanted to get on unlimited 4g in case they change their minds and start tiering 4g. They promised me I'd be grandfathered.

Well I'll be up all night playing with this. So far it's the most incredible phone I've ever owned. I may not get an iPad2 now as this big screen maybe all I need. On the other hand I do have free tethering till May 15th so I do want to use that on the iPad. After that date it looks like I'll have to root it to get the free hotspot.

I feel like a kid at Christmas. I'll report more tomorrow.:icon_ banana:
Congrats on the new phone, I got my Thunder the day of release and still feel the same excitement as you do now. You will really feel more excited when you do a side-by-side speed test against any iPhone or any other 4G phone i.e. EVO and look at the faces of your opposition as you pull up web sites beside them, you hit go at the same time and you leave them at the starting line in a cloud of smoke and the smell of burning rubber. The disappointing look they have as the gently pickup their bruised and battered phone, PRICELESS. But enjoy it while you can, I hear the Bionic and the EVO 3D a suppose to be even bigger monsters, they might just put our Thunder in it proper place. although I don't think either one of the are come with 40 gigs related. I'm also running Launcher pro on my unit, works great.

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how is the battery life?? ive read some people say its pretty bad. im waiting till fall to upgrade but my wife wants a thunderbolt. but i know she would go crazy if the battery life sucks
Not sure how it compares to the EVO but to me its marginal at best, it does have an onboard batter manager which helps, and I am sure to turn off unneeded background services. But I keep my phone plugged in most times normally, in the car, home or at work. What I will say is that if you put the phone in her hands and let her experience the blinding speed of this phone, she will ignore the battery issue. This is like shopping for a Corvette or Porsche 911 twin turbo and worrying about fuel economy. Just drive the car have fun and buy an extra battery if your worried about running out of gas.

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I love my TB. I'm coming over from the iPhone and I can't imagine going back. Congrats especially with that good deal.

You'll have to give me a few days to check the battery life.
Friend...the battery have to spend the $ 35 and get the ++ BAttery...I get 16 - 18 hours each day...gotta do it and never look back !
Need some help...when I am talking on my TBOLT the screen goes do I END CALL...I am a NEWBY to could use the help...thanks, Randy
Congrats on purchasing this beast! got it first day it was available and have bn in a happy place ever better lay a finger on my TB! ENJOY app is inaccurate. Try a site like speakeasy. I am getting between 25-15/5.
Need some help...when I am talking on my TBOLT the screen goes do I END CALL...I am a NEWBY to could use the help...thanks, Randy

Could you Elaborate a little more? I'm going to assume you mean when you put the phone to your face during a phone call it goes blank. That's happens so you don't accidently press any buttons. When you bring the phone away from your face it should come back up.

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Congrats! The phone is awesome and the battery is fine.