Google's I/O Developer's Event Coming May 10-11


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Dec 30, 2010
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On May 10-11 of this year, Google is holding their "I/O" event. This one's just for developers, and you get a chance to see what cutting edge hardware and/or software Google is cooking up. It'll definitely be interesting to see what they are working on as they have already released a ton of goodies for us at the beginning of the year. So far, here is a quick breakdown of just some of the 'talks' they will be holding at the event:
  • Beyond JavaScript: Programming the Web with Native Client
  • Storing your Data on Google's Cloud
  • Building Web Apps for Google TV
  • Building Android Apps for Google TV
  • HTML5 Showcase for Web Developers: The Wow and the How
  • Launch and Grow Your Business App on the Google Apps Marketplace
Those last two are highlighted because research indicates that those are two of the best career fields to pursue right now. HTML5 and Android App-based businesses are 'high-growth' fields for IT and Software professionals. Definitely worth checking out if you are about to enter college or are considering a career shift.

Ticket prices for the event are as follows:
The Early Bird Price (until 4/16/11) starts at $450, the regular List Price (starting 4/17/11) is $550, for Academia (student, faculty) it's $150, and there is an additional BootCamp Program that adds +$100 to all registration types.

For more info hit the source link below.

Source: Google I/O Event