Google's Hangouts for Work


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Dec 23, 2009
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Google is continuing to expand their services to encourage more businesses to turn to them for service. Between improving their security, unifying their overall look, and providing more tools for businesses, Google is striving for more corporations to adopt their services. It is clear that they want more corporations to buy their products and services in bulk similar to how they did RIM and now Apple.
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would not be surprised to see Google overtake skype as they are building up more software to support it. And to that the chrome os continuing to merge with android I think we can see a more powerful software. But as of now I can see where people may prefer and look to skype as the king. Especially since google still have not merge hangouts with google voice yet.
If they don't have the terrible ads you can't get rid of like Skype, unless you pay of course, I would have our people use Hangouts instead of Skype.