google voice recording.


Nov 17, 2009
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I was just messing around on google voice and seen it said you can record and i remember people talking about a recording program but if you actually use your gv # like your main # this would work very well except its only for incoming calls right now so far.

To record your call, simply press 4. You can do it when you first accept a call, or any time after it's started. To stop the recording, press 4 again or hang up.
Your recordings are saved online and you can access them just like you do with voicemail.
Note: at this time you can only record calls you receive on your Google Voice number. You can't record calls you initiate using our Click2Call from our website or the Return Call feature from your voicemail.
There are different laws that apply to call recording, so check your current state and Federal laws before using this feature. To assist in the compliance of these laws, we provide an automated verbal announcement when call recording has been initiated and when it has been stopped.