Google Teases IO13 Attendees with Key Lime Pie Easter Eggs


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's something funny that came out of Google I/O 2013 this year. During the conference Google "Trolled" their own attendees by showing off tidbits of Key Like Pie easter eggs sprinkled throughout the events. Here's a quote with more of the details,

During Reto Meier’s “Android Protips 3: Making Apps Work Like Magic” session at Google at IO13, Google did what they do best, tease their fans with upcoming Android release juicy nuggets. His session teaches developers how to use advanced Android techniques to build good apps. Apps so good, users will think they’re magical. Besides learning the tricks of the trade, at about 25 minutes in, there’s an Android wearing an magicians cap, eating a piece of Key Lime Pie. Oh, Google. We love it when you tease us like this.

The trolling didn’t stop there either. Later on during the session, Google showcased a crude game (Is that some sort of Cthulhu?). The boss attributes include Chrome, Jelly Bean, and Key Lime Pie.


You can't help but appreciate those crazy Googlers even when their sense of humor boarders on the sadistic. ;)

Source: AndroidAuthority
Also in the conference about graphics and design they keep on saying: "you are going to use this in a future version that may or mat not be coming soon..."