Google Talk Authentication Fail


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Nov 30, 2010
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A TeePee outside of Detroit
Ladies and Gents of the rescue squad, I have never had to come here before, which is lucky, but now the time has come.
Help me Droid Rescue Squad, you're my only hope.
OG rooted with newest Liquid GB full release, get those minds outta the gutter.
RZR stock kern
Everything has run phenomenal and it was one of the easiest set ups to date, but now I have run into a problem I am not sure how to address and I know it must be as Talk is how a lot of things on the phone connect to data like the market.
I have had this in the past, rarely. And as soon as I retry and write the words that are all squiggly in the box it has authenticated and authorized.
I see no squigglies, and it continues to try and fail.
I have symlinked and zip aligned and fixed permissions more times than the mob fixes athletic events.
Help me Droid Rescue Squad, you're my only hope.

I appreciate any suggestions or ideas as I believe in trying all avenues and some side streets with macgyver styled fixes.
Also just for the record and so you know the patients workup, Gmail works as well as Internet and phone. Syncing works as well, heck I can even access talk through internet.
3G has never dropped.
And I always wipe and wipe well, it's one of my greatest traits.

I am in dire straits, no not the band, I ain't that old.
And no this is not comparable to events in Egypt, but everything is relative.
My OG is like my only child and until he/she/it has recovered from this malady I will not nor can I rest.

Thanks and hope to hear something, anything.

From the Law offices of Goldberg, Williams & Danceswithbongs LLPC
I need to go from :icon_eek: to dancedroid