Google Reveals the Pixel-C Chromebook/Android Tablet Hybrid


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Dec 30, 2010
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Google surprised us with an all new product, called the Pixel-C. It's basically a brand new Android Tablet with similarities to the Chromebook, in a hybrid/combo format. Here's the full specs for Google's latest creation:
  • 10.2-inch tablet with a 308 pixel-per-inch screen
  • NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor and integrated Maxwell GPU
  • 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • USB Type C for charging
  • A colorful light bar to indicate how much battery life is left
  • Optional magnetically attaching keyboard and the ability to prop up the display like a Chromebook or Notebook
  • The keyboards can stick to the front, to protect the screen, or to the back, when using it as a tablet.
  • The keyboard itself is Bluetooth, and will inductively charge from the tablet unit when closed
This is actually a sneaky little "dark horse" product for the Google event. Those crazy Googlers just through this device in at the last minute. Here's the pricing details: 32GB will cost $499, 64GB $599, and the keyboard is $149. We will update with availability info when that becomes available.
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I'm very intrigued by this device. Looking forward to reviews and hands-on videos. I got the Remix ultra tablet for a killer deal, but you need a flat surface to use the darn thing. It's also a bit ridiculous to use in portrait mode without the keyboard.
Interested but not pre-ordering. Lets see so real world reviews. I thought I saw through the video that it had more of a trapezoid space. But that could have been camera angle tricks.


The Android tablet market just got smacked.