Google Restore or Samsung Restore?


Nov 27, 2009
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I have a Note 3. When I buy a Note 5 I will have to decide whether to let Google restore everything or use that Sammy app in the playstore to restore everything from the note 3 to the note 5.

Any advantages to using one or the other? Any pitfalls?

I am concerned that the Sammy restore app will restore my google contacts duplicating them when I sync them through google. I had that happen once before. I had to literally go through the list and delete all the duplicates. It took forever.
Contacts are separate. The best question is, have you been storing contacts under your Google account or on the phone itself/to your Samsung account?

Every Samsung phone I know of also had an option for which contacts to display, so if you did end up with duplicates, you could hide one set.

Personally, I always save my contacts to Google, along with settings & etc. Keeps me from having to do more work when I get a non Samsung phone. Since my 6P is on its way to me, in glad I've done that.
Is there anything smart switch does that google doesn't? I have everything synced to google
I'm not sure, because I've never used Smart Switch, but it was my impression that it's actually more for switching to a Samsung device from another manufacturer, but maybe I misunderstood that when it was announced.

As I said, I've always preferred the Google method. If nothing else, I always have access to my contacts if I've got internet access, even on the PC.
Jonny, it is also for switching between samsung phones. I was having issues when i had accidently saved contacts to my device versus saving them to my google account. I used smart switch to transfer them, both are Samsung phones. It was fast and painless.
Thanks for the info! Yet another reason I make sure that I'm saving contacts to my Google account, but glad to know the tool works to transfer them if you don't do so.
Smart Switch works with most manufacturers, even Apple. With Samsung phones, you'll get 99% of your materials copied over (minus Bluetooth and app settings). With Motorola, for example, you may not get apps or text messages, but you'd get the important things like contacts.

With Google restore, you'll get your app data, contacts, WiFi, but I don't think it does text messages. You also better make sure you're connected to WiFi before beginning the Google restore

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I had a S 6 Edge that kept locking up
Samsung sent me a new S 6 Edge since my other was less than a month old.
I transferred everything from original to the new one used smartswitch. Only took a few minutes and transfer was complete pictures, contacts all good.