Google Play Store Will Soon Surpass Apple App Store's 50 Billion Downloads


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Dec 30, 2010
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Apple just hit a huge milestone with their Apple App Store. They recently hit their 50 Billionth download in the App Store. They even went out of their way to make a big deal about it and share their enthusiasm by offering a $10,000 dollar App Store gift card as a prize for the occasion. They also gave away a $500 gift card to 500 folks who simply came close to winning.

So, why are we sharing this on an Android dedicated website? Because the Google Play Store is poised to surpass that figure within a few short months. In fact, downloads for Android apps have risen at such a phenomenal rate, Google will soon boast that same number and leave it in the dust. Apparently, Android devices are now scoring 500 million more downloads per month than iOS devices (2.5 billion apps/month downloaded on Android versus 2 billion on iOS). It is now a foregone conclusion that Android will blast past Apple's celebratory number in a short time, probably by October.

Of course it's probably no surprise since there are 900 million Androids in circulation vs. 600 million iOS devices. That little robot just can't be stopped!

Source: PhoneArena