Google Pixel XL Specs Leaked In Benchmark


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Oct 6, 2011
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We expect to see Google's new devices early next month. We have been seeing lots of leaks on these devices today and now it looks like we know what the specs will be. The specs were outed in a benchmark that hit the web earlier today. The device is listed as the "Google Pixel" on Geekbench. The listing also makes mention of the "Marlin" codename. According to the benchmark the device will include 4GB of RAM, and an unnamed Qualcomm chip clocked at 1.59GHz. We expect this to be the Snapdragon 821. The phone will also be running Android 7.1 Nougat.

Other rumored specs include a 5.5" QHD display 12mp rear shooting camera, 8mp front facing camera, USB-C, and a 3450mah battery. The smaller Pixel device is said to include a 5" 1080p display and a 2770mah battery. The Pixel XL only shows a score of 1659 in single core performance and 3951 in multi-core performance.

via Geekbench
I looked at the benchmark and the individual scores. Not impressed. The Pixel was less than 1700 single and 4000 multicore. It's not enough to upgrade.
My Nexus 6p gets 1325 single and 3705 multicore from the latest Geekbench. Based on Geekbench the Pixel is slow compared to the iPhone 7.
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