Google Music Stops My Droid Bionic from Dialing, locks screen


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Jul 23, 2010
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Just downloaded Google Music app on my Motorola Droid Bionic. Once I run it, and go back to main screen, the screen is locked and I need to hit the home button to get the screen to react again. Then all icons seems to work except direct dial. Also even if I open up the dialer, the phone will not dial.

I have restart the phone completely. Then if I run the Google Music App again, the same problems occur. Anyone have the same problems? Anyone can suggest a solution?

Thanks very much.
Same thing on mine... Only a bit different...

I had this same behavior only one time, with a slight twist...

1. Brought up the phone from sleep mode.
2. Got a very small Moto logo, animated.
3. All screen touches were locked out.
4. Only thing that worked was the sleep button.
5. Pulled battery, and all was well after a reboot.