Google+ : App will not let me log in w/my Hotmail


Dec 25, 2009
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Not sure if this has been asked before(did a few searches on the forum and internet), but if it has it would be great if you could link me to it.

I think the problem is probably me, but I am tired of spinning my wheels on this isssue...

I just received my Droid 3 (great phone so far!) this past week and am trying to get the Google+ account set up on the app. I just switched from the Droid1 where I have the google+ app and was working with my account. I was running froyo on the D1 w/no modifications, root etc.

I am now on the D3 w/Android 2.3 and trying to add my account which is based off of a hotmail email address.(I had Igoogle set up through my hotmail as I did not have a gmail account until later). Anyway, when I open the Google+ app on the Droid 3 it asks me what email account I want to use to sign in. It gives me the choice of my 3 gmail accounts, but not my hotmail. I do have my hotmail set up as an account on the phone( I use the email app w/my hotmail).

I look in the my accounts app and when I try to add a new account it does not seem to give a google+ option for adding new accounts.

Anyone else had this issue and know the fix?

Thanks! :greendroid:


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Feb 10, 2010
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Yes your account on G+ is definitely a gmail address.

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