Gold Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Compared to an HTC One M8


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's a cool image comparison series between the HTC One M8 and a gold colored version of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While we would rather see the HTC One M9 compares to the new Galaxy S6 Edge, the HTC One M8 is still a fair comparison, considering that the HTC One M8 is actually owned by users currently.

Here at HQ we are pretty smitten on the gold colored version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While it will obviously be prone to fingerprint smudging, it might be worth needing to wipe it occasionally to have such an impressive looking smartphone.

Along with the shot above, there are several more in the thread below taken by the folks at PhoneArena. Which one do you like better?

Source: PhoneArena
Here are several screenshots taken by PhoneArena of the gold colored Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge next to the HTC One M8.






Wow. That Sammy looks A M A Z I N G. :rolleyes:
dear lord, I never thought I'd say this... but...

that gold color... it's beautiful...

lack of SD card though... ugh... I don't know what to do.
I'm not a fan of Samsung's new phones. Might go with the M9 this time around.
I wasn't a fan of the S5. It is the first phone from Samsung that I skipped. I thought I wanted the M8 until HTC pulled that Ultrapixel stunt and ruined the phone for me.

I had considered checking out the M9, but these new S series phones changed my mind. I will now wait for their bigger brother, the Note 5, to show up.
In terms of looks s6 is more attractive but indeed "it will obviously be prone to fingerprint smudging".
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