GO sms and Verizon


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Sep 6, 2011
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Hi. I am a relevantly new user to a Droid Incredible and of all the gadgets it comes with it.

So, my question is... While using SMS apps like GO sms or anything like that... do standard messaging rates apply? I don't have unlimited messaging, but I do have M2M unlimited for Verizon. And do those rates still apply while using GO sms? And why does Voice Search keep activating whenever I use it?

Answers would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!


Aug 1, 2010
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Silver Spring, MD
Hi. I am a relevantly new user .....
Answers would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!

Messaging apps like GOSMS are just a window dressing on your built in messaging app, and do not affect your rate plan. In fact, you can't take the built in messaging app off (uninstall) and have GOSMS work.
A warning on GOSMS; I have used it for quite a while on my Droid 2. I liked the way I could set it up to have an incoming text unlock my screen, show the message, and i could immediately type back a reply.
I started having problems with my D2 screen freezing. Tried everything, and eventually, Verizon sent me a new D2. When I was reinstalling some contact widgets, I noticed that when that person called, the phone went to speakerphone. I read comments from several reviewers that the latest update to GOSMS PRO was causing that problem. I wondered if GOSMS PRO also had permission to unlock the phone, could their faulty software also cause the screen freeze that I had on my previous D2. I uninstalled GOSMS PRO. So far, no screen freezes and no calls going to speakerphone.
The native text messaging app is fine for me.