Gnex wont connect to my PC - why?


Jan 24, 2012
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I plug it in and it charges, but it doesn't connect. It just isn't acknowledged at all on my computer, not in device manager or anywhere as far as I can tell.

It stopped connecting when I was trying to root it and downloaded some stuff.... and stuff. I don't quite remember what I've done, I was high at the time (last night) (dumb I know)

Can someone give me advice please? Any help appreciated
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You have to install the Samsung USB drivers.

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I downloaded the Samsung USB drivers, but I can't install them because my device won't connect to my comp.
Downloading the drivers should allow your device to automatically install them upon connection. If they aren't installing, the drivers you've downloaded probably corrupted somehow. Your best bet would probably be to remove the drivers and re download and try and connect.

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