Gnex Custom Boot Animations by the Hundreds!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Getting tired of the stock Galaxy Nexus boot animation? I know i am! If you are like me then you probably had the Gnex boot animation on your previous phone months before the Galaxy Nexus was actually released. I was rocking the Stock Galaxy Nexus boot animation on my Droid Bionic about three months before I actually got the phone in my hand. In fact I was already tired of the boot animation on GNex Release day when I went out and got the phone!

Good news! One of our very own "JaeKar99" has put together his very own custom boot animations thread for your enjoyment. There are probably over 100 available. He has even put together a how to guide for creating your very own bootanimations! Check out some of his work below!

Update: We had to remove the animated pics from the front page, because they were slowing things down, but make sure to click the source link below to see the awesome boot animations!

As you can see JaeKar99 is putting out some quality stuff. This has really grabbed my attention. Who knows I may check out his how to thread and try my hand at this stuff. Anyhow there are bootanimations for all kinds ranging from the ones you see above to tv show, to movies, to beach scenes, to cars, to sports teams and more.

It should be noted that these have been tested and work on the Galaxy Nexus. You may flash these on other devices but they aren't guaranteed to work, so be sure to backup! Simply flash in clockworkmod recovery! Enjoy

Grab your pick of Boot Animations here:

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