GLaDOS Kernel for Nexus 7 has been released! Optimum Battery Life!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Any chance you need better battery life on your Nexus 7?! I mean why not right! I have gotten as much as 5 days on a full battery, but for the most part it was just sitting idle and i would use it a few hours here and a few hours there. It still beats the my New Ipad's battery life by leaps and bounds. GLaDOS has released their kernel for the Nexus 7! Some have reported even better battery life than usual. One person gave a screenshot of battery life that stated 100% at 8 hours of being unplugged, that is just plain ridiculous! There are tons of features built in to this Rom. It is recommended by the developers not to change anything such as min/max cpu frequency or governors, or else performance will suffer. This kernel is preset to perfection. No messing around or tweaking in performance settings is needed.

For more info and downloads check the Rootzwiki OP