Getting ready for upgrade ? Help


Dec 19, 2010
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Hi everyone,
im eligiable for an upgrade from verizon at this time .i went out and looked at the new devices and really couldnt make up my mind. I'm used to motorola droid, which by the way, i will never get rid of my d1 because this phone has never given me one ounce of trouble. I have loaded this phone with numerous apps and themes and alot more software than it could handle. Whatever my updgrade ends up being,the phone will be rooted and i will have control. Anyone that has bought the thunderbolt, droid x or fascinate and would like to share what sold them on it , please give me a shout, i would appreciate it. I think i'm kind of leaning that way with my choice, but the decision is tough. I know my way around with motorola but that doesnt mean i cant find my way around on htc or samsung. The money with an upgrade and warranty is not a problem ,considering you depend on your device 24/7 and you always have it with you.