Getting Droid Soon, have a couple questions


Nov 24, 2009
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Much Love To The SFC
So I have an LG Voyager, and I love it, but I'm switching to a Droid soon, hopefully within the next week, and just had a couple questions to make sure the Droid is for me...

1. I love having different ringtones for phone calls, emails, texts, picture messages, and voice mails, and I heard you can also do custom LED Lights for each too? How do I customize all of that?
2. Is the virtual keyboard any good? I love the Voyager keyboard, and I noticed the Droid keyboard isn't that good, and seems really slippery.
3. I know the Droid is only 8gb memory, but has an SD slot, are you able to put all your apps, contacts, music, etc on it? Or is there an app for that? :)
4. I read that you can't pinch and zoom for web browsing, but that there is an app for that? Which one is it?

I'm really psyched to get this phone and am excited to be a part of the Droid family. Any information on the topics above would be appreciated, and any other info would be great too!


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Nov 4, 2009
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Hey Prodigy4 :welcome: to the machine ^^

1. There are some apps that custumize LED so far, but i havent seen any that helps you setting different ringtone profile. But ringtones themselves can be changed

2. The virtual keyboard is just amazing...very precise, fast, and good responding. I just love it especially over the STORM ;)

3. Well, the phone it selv doesnt have the 8GB it comes from the SD card that is shipped with it. And so far there is no option to install apps to SD card, but there will be soon. Anything else can be put with no problems on the SD card, like ringtones, Pictures, Movies etc.

4. Pinch and zoom goes with the Dolphin Browser so far, as i know. ;)

I hope i could help,



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Oct 25, 2009
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To expand alittle on Rin.

1. It's very easy to change the ringtones, if you have an MP3 all you do is long press on the mp3 and set it as a ringtone. Also an app called ringdroid allows you to clip certain parts out of an mp3 and set it as a ringtone.

2. Coming from the voyager myself. I haven't found a keyboard to match it really, but the virtual keyboard is fast and very precise. The physical keyboard is alittle lacking but once you start using it, it gets alittle better.

3. The phone itself only has 512MB on it, which is just for the system and to install apps. There is a 16GB Micro SD card that comes with it, that will be where you store pics, movies, and songs. Certain apps will also use it to store cache data and other data they use.

4. There are 2 other major browsers out that people are using. Both have pinch zoom. Firefox will be coming out next month, and i'm hoping that it also includes this, as it will be my browser no matter what.