Get pictures to show in my gallery


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Jan 26, 2011
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When I connect Droid 2 to computer by WiFi and use file manager to copy an image from computer to phone, I cannot see the picture in my gallery. I can see the picture in the file manager, just not in the gallery. I did figure out that if i used SDcard settings to unmount and then remount the SDcard that pictures would then show up in my gallery OK.
Am I missing something...or is this just going to be the way to do it ? Is there a refresh command somewhere for the SDcard ? Thanks.
you put the pic in the dcim folder on the sd card thats where they will show up in the gal.
Thanks, but picture still does not show up in gallery until I unmount and re-mount SDcard. I tried dropping pic in the DCIM folder and also the DCIM > Camera folder as well. At least its easy enough to unmount / remount SDcard, just thought there was a refesh setting / command somewhere....and this is only issue when file is copied by WiFi with File Expert App.
The gallery will find pictures in any directory, they do not have to be in DCIM. They only have to be in DCIM for the camera to find them.

You can download sdrescan which does the same as unmount/remount.
Thanks :) Just what I was looking for, works perfectly !
Great post thanks a ton. It worked when I put them into the /pictures folder and inside the camera folder.

This post saved me from a big headache and the program worked great thanks.