Get Files off Phone that Won't Boot & Broken Power Button


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Sep 5, 2014
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Motorola Razor HD
I've got some pictures that I'd like to get off the internal storage of my old phone (Motorola Razor HD). The power button broke a while back and I was trying to limp to the end of my contract, but now it won't boot up either (it just gets stuck on the loading screen with the red Sauron eye).

Maybe the solution is to try and figure out how to make it boot, but that's complicated by the fact that the power button doesn't work (I can get it to turn on by holding some combination of the volume and power button although it's a complete PITA to get it working). A couple times I've managed to get the boot menu to display and I can use the volume buttons to move up and down, but maybe I need to press power to select an option because it always seems to boot normally after that.

Or is there a way I can attach something to my phone to copy files from it? It does start up, but it doesn't get far enough along to attach it to Windows as a USB device.