[Game] "Panda BBQ" Grill puzzle game!!


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Aug 22, 2011
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This Panda may not know Kung-Fu, but he sure knows how to grill! This new Puzzle game that will arouse your craving for some heavy Barbecue Action!

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Panda BBQ has a unique game play different from other Match-3 puzzle games, as your objective is to form and clear sets of 3 or more identical ingredients on your Kabob Stick. With some planning and strategy, you can create combos that will boost your scores; you can also utilize various special ingredients with unique powers to your advantage. But be careful not to fill your Kabob Stick with non-matching ingredients!
- Either tap the bottom part of the screen to stick through matching ingredients in a column
- Or tap individual ingredients to stick through all ingredients up to (and including) the tapped one
- Matches of 3 or more of the same ingredient will clear
- Timed Mode: Create the most combos in the time limit
- Endless Mode: Unlimited Barbeque action for level up
- Stage Mode: Solve challenging food puzzles!
- 3 Game Modes for everyone
- Unique, new game play
- Fun and cute layouts in Stage Mode
- Fully animated Panda & ingredients; cute and adorable designs
- Special moves and ingredients to get you out of tight situations
- Achievements page with Collectables, Total over 46
- Fully support OpenFeint, Heyzap

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Sep 14, 2011
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hey! there are many stuff in free version!! that's good :icon_ banana:

Totally agree!!
while paid apps on Android are not allowed in my country....
Hope there will be multi-player mode like this in future update soon!!

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