[GAME] New jumping game - Gem Girl Jump


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Jan 28, 2011
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[GAME] New jumping game - Gem Boy Jump HD

Hello all,

There is a new jumping game on the android market called Gem Boy Jump HD

Android market LITE link - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gemgirljumplite
Android market full link - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gemgirljump

Game description -

Bored of jumping games where you can only travel upwards?
Bored of jumping games where you jump slowly?
Bored of jumping games where there is nothing to collect?
Bored of jumping games where you have to start over if you miss a platform?

Good, as Gem Boy Jump is here now!
You can jump left and right through the world as well as up!
You can also jump quickly and super quickly if you collect a star!
You can also collect gems that help you continue playing if you fall!

You thought other jumping games were addictive?
Gem Boy Jump is 0 guaranteed addictive!

Reviews from people (and a cat) :
My younger brother - "I keep having "just" one more go!"
Random man on my street - "Please leave me alone"
My cat Blossom - "grarrrrr" (he likes to bite the phone while the game is running)

Jump through sky and space to collect gems and avoid the gem thieves. Gem Boy Jump is a platform jumping game that also features horizontal world movement.

See what is the highest score you can get on the global leaderboards!

Game features -
* Fast gameplay!
* 3 difficulty levels
* 2 themes (sky and space)
* Random theme backgrounds
* Easy tilt control
* Global high-score leaderboards (ScoreLoop)
* Local high-score tables
* Horizontal and vertical world movement
* Different platform types and sizes
* Collect stars for super high and fast jumps!
* Multiple power-ups (leaf, double-points, shield, magnet)
* Enemies (gem thieves)
* Unique 'extra life' system if you fall
* Customizable tilt sensitivity and tilt calibration
* HD graphics
* Awesome music track by Chill Purpose
* Full SD support (install to SD)

Important - Minimum device screen resolution 320x480 required.

Version 1.1 for Android versions 2.2 and above.
Tablets supported.
Regularly updated.

* An active internet connection is required for submitting scores to the global leaderboards.

Please send any feedback or problems to -
Email : [email protected]
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GemBoyJumpGame