Galaxy S6 Benchmark Scores Not Impacted By Encryption


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Oct 6, 2011
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When the Nexus 6 was first released there were all kinds of reports that the phone was slowed down by the "forced encryption" policy of Android on the Nexus 6. Many users who hacked their Nexus 6 to remove the force encryption noticed performance improvements and higher benchmark scores leading everyone to believe it was a software problem. Encryption provides us with the perceived feeling of security. When all files are encrypted its more difficult for a would be thief or hacker to access our personal information, but is it worth it if the cost is hindered performance?

Today XDA Senior member "Altimax98" decided to see if Encryption would make any performance impacts on the Galaxy S6. The assumption would be that it obviously would since it did with the Nexus 6, however many benchmark tests seem to suggest that it was not a software issue causing the Nexus 6 to slow down when encrypted. The Galaxy S6 didn't seem to take much of a hit at all only deviating by a few mb her and there. Thankfully Google doesn't enforce encryption on lollipop devices other than the Nexus 6, but it would appear that it may not make much of a difference after all.