Galaxy Gear S Gets Firmware Update.


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Sep 5, 2010
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I got an update on my S last night that addressed stability issues, added new themes and clocks but also added the ability to fully reply to third party notifications using vocal or keyboard method. No more dismiss or reply with canned messages only if you prefer using third party communication apps such as Handcent, Inbox, etc.
As I find more I'll post about it.
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The keyboard next word prediction accuracy got exponentially better, current word using Flow increased its accuracy even more than the next word, it's up there with Swype now, s voice is faster and more accurate. Battery life so far is better but I haven't used it enough to give a true guesstimate yet. So far it looks like about 10%.

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I can attest that 10% better is about right, maybe a little higher.
Also Fleksy keyboard is back on the Gear Store, free btw for Gear S , and works with all apps just like the Samsung keyboard.