Future Droid Phone Names

Motorola This Device Will Self Destruct in 6 Months.


There's my contribution.
I'm still amazed DanDroid hit the nail on the head with the R2-D2 Droid.
Motorola special edition "Battle" Droid.
haha sorry im watchen the first season of Star wars: The Clone Wars on dvd an thought of this haha
Droid Beacon of Gondor

Droid DeathStar

Motorola special edition "Battle" Droid

lol dorks :icon_ goofy:

Haha I was actually a "jock" until I discovered my Droid, it has turned me into a tech nerd! I was however completely joking about the beacon of gondor name, but cmon the Droid deathstar has a nice ring to it, haha

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