Friend flashed CM7 wrong way. Bootloop!!


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Dec 11, 2010
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Hey guys,

My friend rooted his incredible with unrevoked yesterday. He asked me if i knew anything about roms for the incredible. I own a Droid X so i don't know much but i ran cyanogen on my D1 about a year ago.

He tried flashing CM7 through RomManager from what i understand but he didnt wipe cache/ make a backup. Its now in boot loop on the CM7 logo. I understand how to bring a droid x back from boot loop, but not an incredible. Can someone give me a step by step?

Ive been into "HBOOT" and i tried going into Clockwork to make a backup, hoping that something would work but it just sat on the Clockwork logo.

Please guys someone help me out here, as i feel partially responsible for this, by suggesting that he root his phone.

Thanks a ton guys.
If you can get into CW recovery just wipe data and cache and reflash the ROM.

sent from somewhere...
I can get into CW, but whenever i select any of the options... the gear and hat logo shows and nothing happens. I'm clueless..
That's odd.....I don't have a Dinc so it was a shot in the dark.
I'm sure there's a simple fix...someone will have an answer.
I put the word out so hopefully someone who knows more about the Dinc will be here soon.
mdx7, we can probably help you faster on our Inc dedicated forum. HTC Incredible Forum. I know I've seen several of my RS crew playing on there today, so long in and we should be able to get you taken care of. I remember seeing something recently to what you're describing recently but can't remember the exact resolution. Jump over there and we should be able to set you up.
Ok thanks guys, i was sure to post this everywhere i could possibly get help.... especially the incredible RS. Hopefully everything works out.
The people over on Incredible forums seem stumped so far, so if anyone has an idea over here please let me know! Thanks!